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Bitcoin Art Shop

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Bitcoin Art Shop

Full Description

It is undeniable that new technologies and innovative uses of the internet and cloud-based systems have revolutionized the manner in which we now exhibit and collect works of art. With the global online art market increasing 19% to $3.76 billion in just the past year, we see these new evolutions in building collections are only going to continue in this direction. (The Hiscox Online Art Trade Report 2014)

The Bitcoin Art Shop is a unique type of online art space for today’s unique type of art collector. The Bitcoin Art Shop opens up the art market to the rapidly growing group of today’s new collectors by offering high end original art, works by established and selected emerging artists, as well as quality edition works and publications – and all transactions will be open to collectors using emerging currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

With the global rise in use of these electronic-currencies – not issued by any government, bank or financial institution – more and more individuals, businesses, and governments are recognizing that these too are here to stay. E-currencies have already created a much needed shakeup of the traditional system of finance and is the logical evolutionary step in our new emerging global and virtual marketplaces.

The Bitcoin Art Shop was created by long-standing members of New York’s art and financial world. The Bitcoin Art Shop takes advantage of advisors and experts in the sectors of private dealing, curation, online markets and traditional auction houses as well as from sectors in the banking and investment arenas.

The Bitcoin Art Shop is the next step in connecting the growing web-based platforms where new collectors select works of art with the new methods in which they are looking to collect.




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